Pierson Lippard



Harry Potter V

Hallam Foe

Mrs Ratcliffe's Revolution


(2008 release)

Mutant Chronicals


Hello,my name is Pierson Lippard.

I am a TD Generalist with 2 years Feature Film experience. Before which I spent 10 years as a Senior Artist working in the Games Industry and prior to that, a traditionally trained animator with over 7 years experience working on Film & TV animation. 

My reel above shows only some of last years completed film work . I did all 3D work on the two Stardust shots above. Creating concept drawings to camera tracking, modelling, texturing, rigging, animation, lighting and final rendering with Mental Ray. For Harry Potter 5, I provided some initial concept designs, then modelled and textured the tin toy Santa on his Quidich stick. I animated the middle shot of santa flying up to the tree, waving and circling back towards the table passed the camera. I was resposible for all the models, textures and shaders on Hallam Foe and was in charge of 3D on Mrs Ratcliffe's revolution.